Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sundays of Yore: 1951 Armstrong Bedroom

This bedroom from 1951 is quite clearly an eyesore. But don't write it off yet! I encourage you to take a closer look, because there are actually some interesting things hidden behind the awful ruffles and overused black floral pattern.

For one thing, the bed itself is kind of nice. If the ruffles went away, the bed might look something like this:

I like the crisp, tailored look of the black border on the floor. I think that could be achieved by layering a rug on top of seagrass. And, I love the way the black outline looks with the curly arm of the upholstered chair. Actually, I think I'd leave the chair just as it is.

The room would still need a lot more tweaks to make it current. New window treatments, an updated vanity, and different artwork, to name a few. Please don't forget new lamps. Also: Look what the lady of the house plans to slip into later. A nice green silky robe and high heeled red slippers. That's what I'm wearing right now!*

*Not true.

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Susan said...

Interesting post. Thank you.