Friday, September 10, 2010

New views of the bedroom

So, I didn't feel like blogging for a few months, but now I kind of do again.

Some rooms in the new apartment feel like we've been here forever. And then others feel like it will be forever before they have that settled-in feeling. Our bedroom is one that is feeling pretty good to me, but that's probably not surprising since it has been the star of my only posts during the past few months.

Oh, whoops. This next picture illustrates that I'm not done in this room.The blue slipcovers are still not finished. But look, they're in our bedroom now instead of the family room. See? Everything is different.

The gold mirror came to us from my aunt and uncle's basement. You know what? Many of the other things in this room came with it. The armoire, the campaign dresser between the chairs, the glass lamp, ummm ... even the chairs. I'm so grateful, as 1) this keeps our house from looking like an Ikea showroom, and 2) I like when the things in my house have a history and not just a barcode.

There's one more corner of this room that is not ready to be revealed, but it will be soon.

In other news: Isn't the start of fall the best?


Anonymous said...

Love the colors in the bedroom.

And the best part of blogging is that you can take a break whenever you feel!

Michelle said...

Great room! Love the soft colors.

My Many Moments said...

Hi! I just ran across your blog and I see I have a lot of catching up to do! Your bedroom is beautiful. I see we both have a love for campaign pieces.
Take Care,