Monday, September 20, 2010

Pantry: Before and after

The pantry was one of my favorite things about our new apartment, even though it needed some work.

That's linoleum tile on the countertops. It really didn't inspire me to prepare any food. And while I could think of lots of amazing things to do with this pantry if we owned this apartment, we had to use some restraint when it came to actually making the space usable as renters.

And here's the after! We covered the tile countertops with ikea butcher block -- it's just sitting on top, not attached in any way. When it's time for us to move in a few years, we'll have the option of taking the butcher block with us. It's in big enough pieces that it could be repurposed. 

We wanted to make sure the shelves were sturdy enough to hold plates or appliances or anything else we might want to put on them. The linoleum tile that I could barely make myself touch before has been transformed into the most charming prep space I've ever had.

I enjoy making espresso in the pantry every morning. It's so cozy, and I love to bustle around making breakfast and packing my lunch. Grrr, but now I'm staring at the picture above because the middle drawer is open slightly. Why didn't I fix it? I'm too lazy to do it now, but I'm sure the pantry will be restyled soon. I'll make sure the drawers are closed next time.

I got the chalk drawing at a barn sale in Maine a couple of years ago. The old lady in the picture looks friendly for the most part, but now that she resides in the pantry, I've noticed her looking more stern. I think she wants me to make some whoopie pies! 

See how she's eying those spatulas?


Michelle said...

It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Loooove the curtain! It ties it all together.
so smart to do the Ikea butcher block.

Tessa said...

Holy jealous of your pantry - it is GORGEOUS!!! Can I come just sit in it and hang out?

Tessa (again) said...

P.S. This is an ABSOLUTE must send to before & after D*S or Apartment Therapy...such a good smart way to redo as a renter....just sayin'.

Julie said...

Thanks! My mom made the curtain. She's gooood.

Annette said...

Love it! The original character and the way you spiffed it up. I wonder what is under that pattern countertop? The lady is a crack up first thing I noticed in that pic.

Julian | sofas decorpiel said...

I love the decoration with the application of a permanent white suggests a space for peace of mind that our women and we use this place of the house where it should be just that, quiet to do our best works of art to cooking, congratulations on the decoration that we show.