Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the auction block: Beacon Hill Row House

Yesterday, the Boston Globe real estate section featured an 1860s Beacon Hill Row House that developers paid $2.25 million for four years ago. It's city living, but with five bedrooms, four baths, three powder rooms, and seven fireplaces, space is not really an issue for this property.

The article notes that the couple did not cut any corners in their $4 million dollar renovation. The luxury market was still booming!

Hence the marble bath

(which you get to by way of this hallway, lined with mirrored closet doors),

the gorgeous (albeit poorly photographed) kitchen,

the wine cellar,

the green house,

and the library with the adjoining wet bar (because every library needs a wet bar).

It obviously needs a little decor, but doesn't this space make you dream of all the possibilities?

To give an idea of the layout, the desk on the left in the picture above is seen in the picture below, on the right.

The property is just sitting there, and it seems the developers are ready to move on. So, to the auction block it goes, with a minimum starting bid of $5 million. Do you need a little more convincing? OK, here's a view of the street from the window.

I lived in Beacon Hill for a couple of years and loved it, even though my studio was the size of the marble bathroom pictured above. It really is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Boston, so quaint and filled with character.

It's an added bonus to have a roof deck from which to enjoy the view!


This Photographer's Life said...

I love Beacon Hill! I lived in Boston during college, and it was one of my favorite areas. I agree the photograph of the kitchen is not very good... neither is the wine cellar. All the photos are looking down on the space, meaning the photographer was quite tall.... I am really more of a fan of the straight on approach!

Julie said...

I actually thought of you when I was looking at these pictures, because I knew you could have done a much better job with them!

Sarah said...

If I had to pick two rooms out of this house, I would choose the kitchen and the closet. Since the closet is really a room, perhaps I could have that dining area with the built in desk near by...