Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pops of yellow in every room of the house

The thing is, I don't even like yellow that much. But I guess there's something to be said for things that are the color of the sun. Especially when it's freeeezing cold out side.

It helps if the yellow object in question is in the form of a blanket draped across an elegant Parisian bed

(Marie Claire Maison)

(While you're looking at that room, please note the way the purple rugs are layered. Not sure if I could take that seriously if I saw it in a real house, but it's kind of fun to look at in a picture, don't you think?).

What about sunny yellow lampshades? Why sure.


Red and yellow usually remind me of Wendy's, but this room somehow evades that connotation. 

Since the first portion of this post is shaping up to be all about yellow in the bedroom, here's a dash of Rubie Green 


and a sprinkle of lemon yellow sheets from Anthropologie, too.


Mmmm, I guess I like yellow more than I thought. Since it's such a summery color, I'll include one room that definitely has a beach house vibe to it. Yellow and white stripes + blue = total cabana vibe, but that's A-OK with me. 

(It's mid-February in Boston, people. If you asked me in July what I thought of this room, I would probably say I liked it but that it reminded me of Zach and Kelly's summer job. One last fling at the Malibu Sands Beach Club before graduating from Bayside High. But seriously, right now I am so deep in the winter doldrums that I just don't even care. If this were my room, Zach and Kelly could spend the night and we'd all have a cookout on the beach and race ATVs on the sand.)

Let's move on. More yellow in the living room ...

so fresh and crisp with white pleats and pom pom detailing on pillows. I love the way the poms echo the round shapes of the lamp.

Wallpaper is a bit permanent, so here's something a little more flexible ... a throw blanket and a couple of pillows. Don't forget the flowers.

Yellow works in the kitchen, too. I love the pale color of this roman shade, and the even paler yellow of the cushions on the stools.

Does that little girl have ice cream? Oh, I want ice cream. In fifty degrees Farenheit more, I will indulge.

As lovely as this all is, I still would never be able to commit. But the good news is, lots and lots of flowers are yellow.

This arrangement in particular catches my eye.

One flower per vase? I could handle that.

What about you? Are you a true-blue fan of yellow, or do you only turn to it when the weather is frigid and you're in need of warmth?


Anonymous said...

Great inpsiration pictures! My kitchen is yellow - I feel it's a bit "too country" so I will be painting. ick. I like just having the pops of yellow - sometimes it's a hard color to commit to.
*You always find the best pictures to show*

Marija said...

I don't particularly love yellow but this compilation of images has me reconsidering! I do really dig the yellow wallpaper inside the living room panel. Looks like art!


Julie said...

Thanks! I always think yellow has a country feel too, but when it's just in little bursts, it's kind of nice. I want to try the wallpaper panel on a big blank wall some day.