Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Striped upholstery and issues of symmetry

Choosing fabric for chairs is a tad overwhelming. Solids or patterns? And if patterned, what kind? Florals? Zig zag? This pair makes a pretty good case for colorful stripes.

Same photo, different topic: The chairs are the only symmetrical items in this room, which is interesting. The yellow pillow is balanced by the yellow lamp, and if it weren't for that, I think the room would be way off kilter. The more I look at it, the more wacky I feel. I guess I like symmetry.


TTI said...

I love stripes - every time I see stripes done sideways (railroaded?) in curtains, it makes me smile. Suzanne Kasler did it in a guest room at the Watersound showhouse, and there is a makeover room on Mrs. Howard's blog this week that did it. I also love it on these chairs!

Now that you mention it - the lack of symmetry does bug me a bit, but I like that the designer flanked the windows with two sets of framed items.

Marija said...

There are definitely some odd things about this room. I go back and I love the originality or am I confused by the choices? My biggest issues? The two lamp / sidetables and the whole room slightly off from the window. I think I need more symmetry, too! Marija