Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sun and style. Montana has it all.

Fact: Montana has an average of 320 days of sunshine a year. I don't know how many Boston has, but I know it's less than that. A lot less.

And do you know what else Montana has? Beautiful, spacious homes that are priced very pleasantly. I search Trulia every so often just to see what's on the market, and I was more than happy to find this cute house in Bozeman. There are also more pictures here.

It was built in 1900, so it's old. Score: 1 That score pretty much goes up 10 points with each picture. This looks like the home of an Anthropologie stylist, don't you think?

The front porch definitely has a Montana vibe to it.

The living room/dining area is bright and cheerful. It looks like it gets plenty of sunlight.

Here's another look at the area by the couch. I like that the rug is Western, but not much else in the room is. It keeps it from feeling too themed or heavy.

The greyish-green cabinets in the cupboard really fit with the feel of the house - it looks old, but in a good way. The Sub-Zero makes it pretty clear that the kitchen is not at all outdated.

It is a pretty small kitchen, but then again, it's an old house. It really looks cozy in there ... the brick wall looks great with the color of the cabinets, and the glass pendants are unobtrusive and clean looking.

It kind of looks like this bedroom is on the ground level. What style is this - Montana zen? I like it!

Here's another bedroom, again with a green door and trim. This house really flows nicely. Each room is different, but it's very cohesive. I like the bright bedspread in this picture.

This bathroom is so cool! There's a lot of white, which I love, but it still uses the trademark green. And I love the rug layered under the towels. I always get annoyed when the towels look so skimpy hanging side-by-side on the rod. The rug totally eliminates that problem! I think I'm going to try it out in my own bathroom, with an Ikea rug. Will the rugged Montana style work in Cambridge? We shall see.

I don't even like baths, but I want to take a soak in that tub.

I think this room is in the attic. Isn't it amazing? The chandelier, the white-washed paneled walls, the red chair and yellow rug ... Even the little girl's artwork looks professionally styled.

And here's the white-washed bathroom to match. The sea grass rug warms up the space.

And, finally, here's the backyard. It looks a little neglected in comparison to the rest of the house, but I guess these people had no reason to ever go outside.

If you haven't clicked on the listing yet, I'll tell you what this house is listed for: $698,000. Not bad for 4,190 square feet!

This is definitely one of the best houses I've seen listed online. Isn't it fun when you stumble across something like this?

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