Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday (un)Focus: DIY projects and chalkboard paint

I'm bookmarking this list of DIY ideas from Young House Love.

I like the industrial clips hung on tiny nails:

And the window covered with chalkboard paint:

Speaking of chalkboard paint ... Lately I've been tempted to use it to paint a big rectangle over the table in our kitchen. No frames or anything, so basically just a black rectangle on the creamy white walls. The idea loses its luster a bit when I think about what we'd actually write on the board. This is what the space currently looks like, except I've relocated the ship picture to its permanent place on the wall in the hallway.

Here are a couple pictures I pulled as examples. Truthfully, chalkboard paint is pretty trendy right now. But we could paint over it whenever we got tired of it.

Bleh, look at that red wall in the background and guess my thoughts on that beauty. I actually don't like that second photo much at all, except for the drawing (does Marc have that kind of talent?) and the shiny clock mounted on the blackboard.

So, what do you think? Paint or not paint? Besides the fact that it would be easy to paint over when we get tired of it (or move -- whichever comes first), another plus is that I've been looking for something big to hang on that wall for a while. I need it to be cheap, too.

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