Monday, November 30, 2009

Internet of Natural Curiosities

After looking at images in Cabinet of Natural Curiosities --

pictures like this one --

I've realized how much I love rooms that have natural elements in them, whether it's a wooden lamp

Simplicity Lamp from Anthropologie

or a giant crinkly leather chair.

French Leather Wing Chair from Restoration Hardware

I like that the chair and lamp are natural materials in elegant shapes. And then, there's the opposite -- more refined materials in natural shapes and form.

I like branches
Candlesticks from the Michael Aram Bark Collection

and flowers (functional ...

Lotus Nesting Bowls from Koo de Kir
... or not).
Gold Leafed Lily Stem from Mothology

I like rustic-looking side tables

and details for a dining room table

Porcelain Branch Pitcher from Shoestring Home

This light shade is only $28!

Wire Flower Shade from Urban Outfitters

And, finally, here's a room with coral wallpaper that looks like it could have been copied off the cover of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.

Note how the shells in the basket and the table legs look like branches.


Willow Decor said...

I agree with you! I love natural elements in a room. I think they give a room depth and a connection to the outdoors. I especially love the Aram candlesticks.

Julie said...

Thanks, Gina. It was hard to choose which Aram item to include. I love them all!