Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inspired by soap

I found this picture on Velvet and Linen (I think) and stashed it away so I could look at it whenever I want.

If I were going to start a room from scratch, these pretty soaps would be one of my first picks for a color palette. But, I live in a four-room home and will not be starting anything from scratch anytime soon. So instead I've picked some rooms that go nicely with the pretty row of soaps.

In the picture above, the blue-gray chairs and the warm stones and wood tones remind me of the soap labels. The green accents on the tables pull in some more colors.

The rustic beams in the ceiling above are reminiscent of the grainy soap texture, as is the weathered blue trunk at the foot of the bed. I think a pretty cashmere throw (in pink?) would bring this bedroom even closer to the soap palette.

The room above comes pretty close and might be my favorite. Those shoes are not my size, though. Should I take this picture as a sign that I have the taste of a three year old?

This room is lacking some of the pastel colors it needs to be a true match to the soap palette. But it does have the muted grays and browns, and overall looks fresh and clean ... like soap!

This room is pretty close, too, but the color of the walls isn't quite right. The walls have a little too much green in them to match the pretty labels. I could definitely see the soaps looking right at home on the lovely grey dresser, though.

This kitchen is charming and has all the right bright colors, but I'd add some weathered blues, browns or grays if I could.

This is another one that's pretty darn close. Do you agree? Look at the chairs!

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