Saturday, November 28, 2009

If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen

A lot of old houses in New England have something I love: A fireplace in the kitchen.

I like the warm colors in this picture, but if it were my room, I'd put a more comfortable chair in front of the fire.

This one looks 1) really old and 2) like it would heat the whole kitchen. I think I would be tempted to make s'mores.

This one looks like a bakery. Imagine snow outside the window instead of leafy, summary greens.

Newer houses don't often have fireplaces in the kitchen (at least, not the ones I've seen on Trulia and in other listings.) I wonder why.

But, at first glance, this kitchen below looks like it might have a fireplace in it. It definitely looks warm. Maybe it's the antlers hanging over the range?

Here's another picture of a kitchen/dining room that looks like it might have a fireplace in it (and I don't know, maybe this room does have one on the other side of the table). In this case, it's the slipcovered arm chairs that make me think of fires and other warm thoughts.


Things That Inspire said...

The kitchen with the antlers above does not have a fireplace, but the kitchen is open to the family room (they form the back of the house) which does have a fireplace in it. The kitchen table floats in the middle of the two spaces, and in some ways divides the room into the kitchen area and the family room area. It is a beautiful house, efficiently designed - there isn't even the ubiquitous walk in pantry or mud room. It reminds me of a house from the 1920s in many ways.

I got a tour of this house from the owner, which is why I am in the know about it!

Julie said...

OMG, thank you for providing more information!! Are these pictures yours? If so, I will add the credit. I started saving pictures months and months ago, and didn't record where they all came from. This is one of my favorite homes, so now I'm off to your archives to see if I can find more info!