Saturday, January 2, 2010

Colorful bedding for my alter ego

This is my sister's puppy. His name is Tommy. If you hang out with him enough, you will come to realize that he is perfect. He never misbehaves, and knows "sit," "lie down," and "roll over" exceptionally well for a four-month old pup.

But, Tommy has an alter ego name Roger. Roger is very, very naughty. He occasionally forgets to ask to go outside, and finds an inside corner instead. His teeth are as shop as staples -- in a heartbeat, they will tear through pajama pants you've had since 1993.

As you can see, Roger and Tommy are the identical kind of cute.

Tommy and his alter ego are slightly related my post today. You see, for a couple of years now, I have been all about crisp, white sheets. I still am.

(Hudson Park)

But for some reason, on the first evening of 2010, I found myself staring lovingly into my screen. At these sheets:

And these:
And even this colorful quilt:

Tommy the puppy has an alter ego. It appears I do, too, and she loves colorful patterns.

You know what else my alter ego loves? The guest room in Amanda Peet's apartment. I know this because these pictures have been filed for later for a long time now.

I love the varying shades of blue and silver, and the occasional pop of red or yellow.

Color, color, everywhere. It's so refreshing! Perfect for the new year.

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C. A. Farrell said...

Perhaps we should all have an alter ego? Tommy is cute and cuddly, but Roger seems to have more fun. Who is to say that you can't have two different sets of bed linens?