Monday, January 11, 2010

What's your favorite design book?

What's your favor design book? My library currently consists of one: The ubiquitous Domino: The Book of Decorating. I like it, but I know there are others out there that are more "me."

I have lots of books on my wish list (of course!), and the top-spots change on a near daily basis. But, the following two books have been up there for a while now. They are -

All that white with the dark wood fireplace? Love!

Those tea cups get me everytime. Seriously, what is it with my mug fetish? My idea of a good time is perusing the internet looking at mug shape and design. These Wedgwood beauties are classics.

(Thanks to Jennifer at the Newlywed Diaries for posting about this one.)

One of my dreams is to someday restore an old house. I want one that is filled with character, yet needs enough work that we have a chance to make it exactly what we want to be. Restoring a House in the City looks like it is filled with just the right eye candy to feul my daydreams for a long time.

Do you have a favorite design book -- one where you never get tired of looking at the pictures and that inspires you when you open it for the first, fifth, and even tenth time? If you do, what is it that keeps you coming back for more?


nameisgrace said...

i have to confess...i don't own a SINGLE design book!!! i know, i know...that's absurd! although, i pretty much have scoured every design book and virtually flipped through tons of them online.however b you have motivated me to go out and get some of my own and start a collection. i'll let you know in the near future what my faves are:)

Things That Inspire said...

Last year was my 'year of the design book'. I am going to have a library in my new house, so I decided that it was best to start collecting some books for it now.

There are two books that I love for the interior design philosophy - the are not so much about pretty pictures as they are about how to approach the design in your house over time. The Private House by Rose Tarlow, and Style by Saladino. I also love the new Suzanne Kasler book - it has great text as well as pretty pictures.

My Yellow House said...

Your blog is absolutely inspiring! I would have to say some of my favorite dec.books are Decorating Secrets and Feather Your Nest by Mary Carol Garrity.