Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tasteful decor: Gumballs and lollipops

Colorful rooms

sometimes remind me of gumballs.

And I kind of like that. I also like stacks of colorful latte bowls


and pillows with candy colorful prints.

(John Robshaw)

This last picture is from Kate and Andy Spade's apartment.

Yes, Kate knows color. It's like living in a lollipop!


Anonymous said...

Cute post! I can't imagine living with all the gumdrop colors in my own home but I love when I go into someone else's home and there's color and pattern everywhere. I am going out on a huge limb and will be wallpapering my bathroom soon ~ maybe. :)
Come on by! :)

Alex said...

We have those bowls at my apartment, but in different colors. I use them for cereal!

Julie said...

Sarah, you have to post about the wallpaper process, starting with the decisions! I wish I had an 80 year house to play with!
What colors are yours, Alex? Anthropologie puts out new colors every year. It is thrilling.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

What a fun post.... in the last couple of homes I've designed for I've added apocathery jars and filled them with gumballs.... it looks really effective ;o)