Friday, January 22, 2010

Pastel, ma belle

When the Spring 2010 J.Crew catalog arrived a couple of weeks ago, I could barely even glance at it. Who can think Spring when the sun sets at 4:30 p.m.? Yay, New England. I finally took a look when the second catalog arrived (like two days later, ha!), and I felt a warm sense of familiarity.

That's because this lovely outfit

is awfully similar to this room.

Love the gray and white striped scarf?

Then you'll probably love the gray and white striped chair featured in Phoebe Howard's Atlanta showroom.

Phoebe Howard, Photo by Brooke Giannetti

The soft colors of J. Crew's crinkled silk shell are beautiful, especially when paired with delicate pearls and omg -Crystal symphony necklace, you're beautiful. Black ribbons and pastel colors ... who knew?

Actually, I think Phoebe Howard probably knew. She pulled a similar trick (well, that just sounds wrong!) in her Atlanta showroom when she placed thin black frames in an otherwise mostly light room.

Phoebe Howard, Photo by Brooke Giannetti

I love the moodiness of the big painting. It keeps the room soft, but not too sweet. Sometimes, though, a little sweet is good. Perhaps it's in the form of a Ruffled Carly dress accented with a beautiful bronze hobo bag

or perhaps it's in the form of a lavender room accented with light blue, white, and a gorgeous peach couch.

Phoebe Howard, Photo by Brooke Giannetti

OK, last one. This outfit is pretty much the epitome of J. Crew casual. Beachy, soft, wrinkled ... and I love the pop of color in the orange clutch.

This is the the same room as before, but honestly, if the woman above stepped out of the catalog and into Phoebe's showroom, I think we'd lose her forever.

Phoebe Howard, Photo by Brooke Giannetti

It's the most beautiful camouflage I've ever seen!

p.s. I am pleased to announce that Boston now has daylight until after 5 p.m.! What a happy thing to see the sun.


LeahBK said...

Hi Julie! Thanks so much for featuring Phoebe! I wanted to let you know her last name is Howard, not Weiss, as it is credited under the photos. Just wanted to clear up any confusion for readers. Thank you!

Julie said...

Thank you for letting me know! Umm, I have no idea where "Weiss" came from - that's the last time I publish a blog entry before finishing my morning coffee! At least I got the tag right ...

LeahBK said...

No problem at all! I hear ya about the coffee :)

Love the blog!! Thanks so much for the feature.


Sarah said...

I absolutely love this post. Every room. Every outfit.