Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fabric sale in Boston!

Last night I dreamt it was raining fireballs. When I woke up, I was feeling kind of down. You know, because I had been running from fire pellets all night long.

I think this has the power to change my day: Customer Appreciation Day at Zimman's!

I love Zimman's ... it's like the fabric mecca. It's a Target-sized building filled with fabrics -- mostly decorating (as opposed to clothing or quilting) -- and I could spend hours there each visit.

Just look at this!

Apartment Therapy

The first time I visited Zimman's, my heart was beating so fast. I was seriously overwhelmed, and I wandered through the aisles in no particular order. It was like I was drunk.

(Katy Elliot)

You better believe I plan on going this Sunday. No matter how much I prepare for the big event, I'm pretty sure I'll still end up wandering aisles, skipping key areas and looping back and then skipping more key areas. But at least this time, I'll be darting around out of excitement and not because I'm avoiding fireballs.

Note to self: Never have that dream again.
Second note to self: GO TO ZIMMAN'S ON SUNDAY!


Anonymous said...

How I wish this place was in Nebraska - I love fabric and could spend hours in there! Thanks for the encouragement on doing the open shelves in my kitchen - I will need to paint everything and touch up some huge dents in the plaster. I'm going to start sorting and getting rid of food tomorrow. That in itself will be progress!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - OLD account - I mistyped my username!