Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dream kitchen in reality

About a year ago, I came across this picture:

In my mind, that single snapshot was representative of the whole kitchen, and it was white and soft and cloud-like. I couldn't remember where I got the photo, though, so one picture was all I had.

And then, I found it! It's "A San Francisco Turn-of-the-Century Kitchen" from House Beautiful, and there are 7 whole new pictures to look at.

Oh, kitchen ... Madonna said it first: "Just like a dream, you are not what you seem."

What? Really? This is not a white kitchen at all. And the shelves are kind of cluttered on the wall behind the table. Not so sure about that view.

Here's another:

Well, the range and hood are nice. I like the white under the oven. But it looks like a restaurant ... granted, a good one that would probably serve a great brunch, but it's just not what I was expecting.

I do like the vintage dishtowels hanging on the island:

The ceiling is really cool, but I am not a fan of the hanging pots and pans. Come to think of it, maybe they're the main reason I'm not crazy about this room. How can a room look light and airy if there are large metal and copper pieces suspended in mid air? But look at the quilted pattern on the refrigerator!

Here's a close up of the spice rack that is just to the left of the stove. Umm, it's a nice spice rack? There's nothing really to say about this one. Well done.

The pictures were eye-opening, that's for sure, but what really crushed my dream was something in the accompanying article ... something that relates to the first photo (the one I love).

Here's the excerpt I kind of wish I never found:

The old-fashioned faucets add to the old-world effect, but what really makes the sink special is that extra layer of marble in back.

That wasn't part of the plan, but somehow the slab we bought cracked in transport. When something goes wrong, you have to get creative, so I had them get another segment that matched and we put it on top to cover the crack. People think it's Carrara marble, but it's actually Calacatta Oro, which is softer and creamier and much less gray. It's a very impractical surface. Even a glass of water will leave a ring, but having said that, I would do it again. Nothing else has that old English country house look. It's honed, and you can have it rehoned if necessary.

Wait, what? You can't even put a glass of water on the counter? Having said that, maybe I don't love this kitchen all that much, after all.

Let's close with this:


Things That Inspire said...

I loved reading this post! I am in the process of designing my new kitchen, and am really struggling with the counter selection. Although my heart and my eyes belong to marble (love the texture, the look, the European sensibility), my brain is screaming no - I cook all of the time, and have kids. How can I deal with a surface that etches so much?

I look forward to hearing what my architect and designer have to say in a few weeks, at our kitchen meeting. I can already predict: marble.

Julie said...

First the chalkboard, and now this ... I am pretty sure I am going to love your kitchen!

Colette's Cottage said...

This made me laugh! I think the same exact things when I read design magazines. Unfortunately, I am way too practical and got Silestone counters- you can set blazing hot pans right down on it! Just wish they made it in faux Carrera Marble