Friday, December 11, 2009

Building a reading nook

As the slipcovers for our two armchairs near completion, I'm starting to think about what items will complete the bay window area I'm affectionately calling the "reading nook." I'm still on vacation, but when I return to Massachusetts, I'll post pictures of the chairs in their habitat.

For now, I'm picturing stacks of books, old:

and new:

I've loved these Penguin Classics from the moment I laid eyes on them. At the time, they were only available in England. Now they're on Amazon, and only $13 each! Next time I'm at a bookstore and about to throw down $15 for an ugly, plain-old paperback, I'm going to close my eyes and think of this:

And no reading nook would be complete without a soft wool blanket:

(Wool Throws, Atlanta Bartlett)

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Mom-of-Bean said...

Ah, can't for the life of me find your e-mail address here or anywhere kidding about the hats right?...If not, I'm booked until Christmas, after that you can commission your little heart out and I'll throw in the coolest headband (even if you don't like headbands, you will LOVE this one) for you to go out and collect compliments for me...glad you still wear that hat...I remember far you are married, trapsing around Paris (at least in your mind) and decorating nook after nook (I got some nooks that need decorating...right now matchbox cars live there)...handsome husband...I must catch up slowly now that I got a hold of the blog...

e-mail me will you?