Thursday, December 3, 2009

Connecticut farmhouse

Meet 121 Walnut Tree Hill Road, located in Newtown, Conn.

The farmhouse was built in 1873 and sits on a grassy meadow

with a spacious backyard (vegetable garden included):

There's even a pond that you access with this bridge:

The windows at the front of the house make my heart flutter. Here's what is currently in the room:

But with windows like that, I'd want to be in the front room all the time. Some upholstered or slipcovered chairs would make the room feel cozier.

(From the Wheat's house, as blogged on Cote de Texas)

Here's the kitchen in the main house. Some see a set-up that looks more like camping conditions, but all I see is possibility. What color would you paint the door?

Did you notice the window on the left side? Maybe you didn't, because the cabinets are blocking them. I'd tear cupboards out and substitute them with shelves to display pretty white dishes.

On the right side of the galley, how about floor to ceiling built-ins to maximize storage space? Kind of like this:

Here's the living room:

I wonder how much light comes through those windows? Do you think it could look something like this with some new paint and different furniture?

The bedrooms upstairs are small but have lots of character.

Ahhh, I love wallpaper in rooms with slanted ceilings, especially when paired with painted floors:

Did I mention the guest cottage that sits across the meadow?

While we're tearing down cupboards and hanging wallpaper in the main house, we could stay here. Look, the kitchen is ready! I don't really like the green that much, but I'll let it stay for a while because clearly there are other priorities on this property.

The main house is 1,542 square feet and is listed for $425,000. Here is the description from Keller-Williams:

Peace, tranquility and the charm yesteryear best describe this 1873 Antique Farmhouse with 2-Bedroom Guest Cottage overlooking meadows and a secluded pond. The main house was built in 1873 and boasts chestnut 12” hardwood planking and a central fireplace. The guest cottage was built in 1900 and sits on nearly 5+/- acres of unspoiled prime New England Land in historic Newtown, CT. Antique lovers and those who wish to have their horses close by should see this property before it is too late.

Horses! I'm in heaven.


Anonymous said...

So lovely- the perfect cottage.
...if only I had an unlimited budget for renovations!

Cote de Texas said...

that is really inexpensive, right? i mean- that is a lot of house and land for that price.

the ceiling in the living room is so low though. that would have to be disguised - maybe if you made two small rooms out of = it would make the low ceiling less of an expansive area that it is now.

Julie said...

It's sooo inexpensive, especially considering its location (not that far from Manhattan). Dividing the room into two would be a good solution. Hello, library! In my fantasy, there are wood planks underneath the ceiling that's currently there. It's an old house, so who knows?

A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Julie, Wow, what a great price! I love how you've 'decorated' it ; ) You have a beautiful collection of images on your blog...back to browsing! xoTrina