Friday, December 18, 2009

I see a pattern here

I really can't stop looking at pictures of rooms with dominant patterns. Like this couch -

and the curtains in this kitchen. Is this kitchen practical at all?

The answer is probably no. One chair, marble counters, no cupboards, etc. etc. etc. At least there's a dishwasher! And a pitcher that holds some very pretty lavender (Is that what it is? My flora-identifying skills are very limited. If it wasn't on my Laura Ashley wallpaper growing up, I probably don't know what it is. So basically, the only flower I can point out with confidence is a rose.).

The next picture is from a house on Nantucket. The patterned wallpaper is so pretty, especially with the thin wood trim accents. It's like giant delicate picture frames around each wall.

(Tom Scheerer)

The Dec. 2009 issue of Country Living magazine featured a house that had the same wallpaper (Waverly's Gramercy) in every room, but in different colors. For a small house, I think that's a great idea. It gives it a sense of continuity, but each room is still different. Here's the family room, which has the wallpaper in brown.

(Country Living, Dec. 2009)

And, on a smaller scale, one chair upholstered in a patterned fabric pops against a white wall.

And finally, here's a photo that I snagged from Katy Elliot (who credits The City Sage).

There's been an awful lot of pattern activity on Filed For Later, lately. Maybe it's time to cleanse the palate with some solids ... or maybe not ;-)


MamaJan said...

I noticed the small "crown" moulding you pointed out. I remember that style of trim in my NH childhood house. I have noticed it in a few other pictures in magazines lately! I wonder if it originally was typical of New England or of the time the house was constructed. My house was built in the early 50's.

Julie said...

I wonder what it's called. Will you show me if you find other pictures of it? I'm intrigued, and want to know more.

Anonymous said...

Loved this wallpaper, too, when I saw it in the magazine!

And you were just mentioned as my favorite holiday blog post on thanks!

Iva said...

I adore this!! ;)

Mom-of-Bean said...

Noticing an awful lot of old(ey) stuff, stuffed in old houses...that might be your taste now, but I read you as someone who likes to be charged and moved by her suroundings...we own a 110-year-old farm cottage and my interior design scheme follows one edict. "Be careful with antiques in old houses"...I'm learning quickly that it's true. Before you know it a room looks like it should be cordoned off with red velvet rope or you cringe to sit on an old shaker-style chair, because combined with the wide-plank floor, it all looks...fragile...some of the wall paper is gorgeous, but the rooms look dusty and un-cozy to me...that kitchen is old-schol-marmy with all that window treatment, what about creating some energy with more modern pieces in old suroundings...or the other way around...get on it, Julie

Julie said...

"Dusty" is in, G! Have you seen an Anthropologie display lately? Everything is musty and old and coming apart! I do love old houses (it's why I search Trulia for anything before 1900), but I agree with your antique/old house philosophy. It's just too much of one thing ... like buying an outfit off a store mannequin. I'm going to look for pictures that illustrate this, so stay tuned. And thanks, Nicole and Iva! p.s. G, post pictures of your house! I like what I've seen in the background of your other pictures!!