Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hand-blocked fabrics

Hand-blocked fabrics stop me in my tracks every time. Not the heavy, densely patterned variety. I'm drawn to patterns that are simple on a grand scale, but if you look closely, you notice tiny detail after tiny detail.

Like this bed, for instance:


I love the grand scale of the print, and what appears to be a chenille fabric on top of the canopy.

And here's a pattern that's similar in scale, but as a duvet cover. Isn't that headboard beautiful?

(House Beautiful, August 2008)

I'm equally as drawn to this next room, which has a similar style print, but in a smaller scale.

(House Beautiful, March 2009)

And, even though this cover is everywhere these days (mostly because it's one of the only decor magazines left), I feel compelled to include this picture because look at the printed fabric hanging over the railing and on the pillow!

I love the purples, blues and browns, which is evident if you see my living room. Someday soon, when my sewing machine stops humming, I will post pictures.

John Robshaw is behind most, if not all (I don't have sources for all the pictures), of the patterns above. I can't afford J.R.! Enter: Saffron Marigold, where patterns like this

and this

and this

give you the Robshaw feel but at a much lower price. A queen bedspread is under $70! My current favorite print is the first one listed above, called Lavender Dreams. Here are a couple of closer looks:

A duvet cover would be lovely, but I'd also like to see it made into long curtains, layered on top of blackout fabric so the pattern pops even when the sun is streaming through the windows.


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