Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sitting room, and then some more

On Monday, I posted about how many places to sit there should be in one room (dining room excluded).

The consensus among the commenters was that 12 seats was way too many for a room that's on the small size. There was distracting artwork in the background and just way too much going on in the room. Since then, I've been paying close attention to this "issue."

Imagine my reaction when I came across this image on Houzz:

Talk about lacking a center of focus! It looks like some sort of luxury funhouse. The giant hurricane glass in front of the camera lens isn't helping things -- the reflections just cause more visual clutter. And, I have a feeling there are more seats that didn't make it into the view.

I thought design dizziness was caused by crazy patterns and clashing colors, not by a creamy oasis. I mean, look at those windows! This room has all the elements to be a calm and relaxing retreat.

And now, here's the "sitting room" question: Where would you choose to sit? Ha, I'd sit in the chair that's farthest away. You know, the one that's alone on the wall and facing the back of the chair in front of it. From there, I'd be able to see the bewildered look on people's faces as they enter the room.