Thursday, December 24, 2009

Couch fetish

Shapely, graceful legs ... always showing. Gentle curves. Plump and soft. That's how I like my couches.

A little English roll arm is a nice touch


with three seat cushions (the more, the merrier!)
or two seat cushions (nice and intimate)

or even just one (but only if it has a plump, plush filling).


Perhaps you like a little more padding in the backside? It can be super plush and compact

(Ethan Allen)

or a little roomier.

(Restoration Hardware)

Just as long as the legs are curvy or bulbous or some shape other than stick-straight or square. That's how I like my couches.
p.s. They should also be in a pleasing, neutral color that allows for plenty of wool blanket and throw pillow switching.