Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Patterned sofa done right

So many things to like about this room:

Tom Scheerer)

Let me list them:

1) The printed couch
2) The matching printed chair
3) The matching printed upholstered bench.
* who knew so many pieces covered with the same fabric could look so fresh?
4) The periwinkle throw
5) The subtle texture of the carpet
6) The subtle texture of the walls
7) The fireplace
8) The blue pillows

What I want to know is, which element came first? It all comes together so nicely, it's hard to imagine the room with anything missing.

What's your favorite part of this room? Do you have a new outlook on patterned sofas now? I know I do.

1 comment:

Colette's Cottage said...

I have always been afraid of a largely patterned sofa- but this is done right- love how the rest of the room is so neutral.