Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vacation destination: The Porches Inn

It's always fun to travel (OK, more so when you're on vacation and not on a work trip) and it's a bonus when your lodging is as inspiring as the destination itself. On Monday, I posted about one of my favorite places to go, and today I'm posting about a place I've never been.

One of my coworkers told me about The Porches Inn in North Adams, Mass. It's in the Berkshires, so is a great destination for any season. Frolic through foliage by day, and relax by the fire at night. This fireplace is in one of the guest suites.

The inn is a revamp of six Victorian row houses, located right across the street from the MASS MoCA art museum. Imagine the surroundings during peak foliage season! And it's not too shabby if it's blanketed by snow, either.

Some of the rooms are two-story, spiral-staircase lofts.

And here's a cute mini kitchen in one of the extended stay suites:

There are no polyester coverlets under these roofs. This bedroom is something I wouldn't mind waking up in everyday:

Oooh, look at the slate floors and wooden chairs in the white bathroom!

In a May 2, 2008, New York Times article, the owners refer to the decor as "retro-industrial-granny-chic." The bathroom is a perfect example of that. If Porches Inn were a store, it would be Anthropologie with a dash of Brimfield.

I think this picture is of one of the communal spaces:

The yellow walls remind me of the Montana real estate listing I blogged about in November. Here's a picture of that house, to refresh your memory:

Here's another communal space - the dining room:

I wish there was a way to get a closer look at the plates on the ledge. I love how it is decorated in a very New England-y style, yet updated.

There's plenty to see on the outside grounds, too. Like this gazebo:

So, what do you think? Are you as inspired as I am by the rooms at Porches Inn?

Architect: Ann McCallum of Burr and McCallum, Williamstown, Massachusetts
Interior Design: Nancy Fitzpatrick and Ann McCallum

All photos from Porches' website

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