Monday, December 14, 2009

Check the halls

When the weather is cold, rooms need to be extra cozy. In my opinion, nothing warms a room quite like a good check.

This room is doubling up on the checkered pieces, but something feels slightly off with the scale. Is it the small rug? The size of the chairs compared to the size of the couches? Regardless of the size issues, it's the couches I'm eying for this particular post.

Ahh, here's one that needs no tweaking at all. It's from Ginger Barber's house, and was included in the Cote de Texas check round-up I link to below.

A large-scale check done right can be like a well-worn pair of flannel pajama pants for the living room, don't you agree? Here it is again, this time in curtains in a breakfast nook.

As pleasing as the large patterns are, so too are the smaller scale checks in smaller doses. It might be a bed skirt:

Or a pillow:

Right now, I'm more into the high-contrast checks. Black and white, brown and white, and even navy and white. I don't discriminate, though. To see many more photos of checks of all different colors, check out this post on Cote de Texas. It's a virtual checkered rainbow!


Shannon said...

Lovely, Julie!

The photo of that wing chair in front of the fire did it for me.

Thank you so much for sharing. :-)


C. A. Farrell said...

Those couches in the first picture are great, but I think you are right about there being something off with the rest of the room. The rug does seem out of scale and the lack of a coffee table may have an impact.

Also, have you seen the check bedding from Pottery Barn?

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I liked your photo on scale, I stole Thanks for visiting today, now I am off to look around a bit.